Saturday, April 21, 2012

I give up!

Well, I still cross my fingers that it won't be more than temporary, but...

For those of you who are themselves Blogger users, I don't know what your own opinion about their new interface is. "Introducing the completely new, streamlined blogging experience that makes it easier for you to find what you need and focus on writing great blog posts." What a promise. As of me - call me stupid if you fancy it - mastering it is beyond my capacities, so I simply prefer to give up.

That's months already since they introduced this crap. I never asked for it then, but I got it anyway, and out of curiosity I tried it. Unusable. You may think differently - good for you - but because of the design of my blogs (similar presentation for every post, multiple links between the said posts, etc.), I constantly need to open multiple "edit" pages and navigate between them to update them, copy links, etc. Not possible anymore: from the "posts" page, no more right click is possible, so basically, you write or edit one post at a time - unmanageable. Adding pictures? A mess. Positioning and resizing of these pictures? I still didn't find how to easily do it. And so on...

Let's be honest... Actually there was one improvement: the new interface uses Microsoft-like keyboard shortcuts, as Ctrl+I to have the selected text in italic, or Ctrl+B for bold. Let's all clap our hands to show how grateful we are to the geniuses who brought us such a revolution in blogging. That's this kind of stuff which makes you deserve to have your mug on a post stamp one day.

Fortunately, there was still an option allowing you to return to the old interface. What a relief! Alas, as what happens everytime a major site has decided to adopt a "new look" that's supposed to be SO much better than the old one, they always make the change gradual and voluntary in appearance, before letting no other choice than the one they've made for you in advance. So, starting today and either you like it or not, it's the new interface for every Blogger user, period.

Instead of this post, you were supposed to read the whole story of the Hudson Jet. The text is ready, the pictures are uploaded. Up to yesterday, it should have been a ten-minute affair to put all this online. After something as fifty minutes, and not able to get anything close from the result I wanted, I've thrown the towel. Frankly, I don't return from a day at work with any willingness to struggle with this thing, though it is presented by the great minds at Blogger as a sizeable step toward increased simplicity. So, it's bye-bye to all, and my warmest thanks for having visited this blog, or still visiting it in the future. We'll see each other again when Blogger will either recover from their momentary madness (yes, momentary, for ironically I used to praise its ease of use), or on another site than this one. In the meantime, I'll occasionally pay a visit to answer any possible comment, but that'll be all.

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  1. Edit:
    I've finally been able to revert once again to the old interface. I could consider that the issue is resolved, but the insistence of Blogger to impose their new interface on its users, plus the threatening notice that "Blogger is getting a new look in April. Upgrade Now." still makes me wonder what could happen before the end of the month. If the old interface is still useable by May, then I'll continue adding posts to my blogs. At any rate, I don't know how long we have before being left with no other choice than the new interface.