Sunday, April 15, 2012

1954 Úttörô

The diminutive Úttörô (“Pioneer”) is the result of a private effort undertaken by a mechanical engineer from Debrecen, János Schadek. With the help of two locksmiths, he has designed and built this tiny roadster, powered by a 250cc engine taken from a Csepel motorcycle. Owing to this origin, starting this engine is done through a kick-start. Simplicity was also in Schadek’s mind when he designed the steering system, which shaft is directly connected to the front axle. Wheels come from a wheelbarrow.

● Introduction: 1954 (prototype). Construction: unibody. Engine: air-cooled mono-cylinder, 0.25-litre, mounted at the rear. Transmission: to the rear wheels. Suspension: n/a. Brakes: n/a. Length: n/a. Top speed: 80 kph. Range: two-door roadster.

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