Friday, February 10, 2012

A short presentation

Welcome to my newest blog, Automobiles of the World. What is to be found here? Well, the name probably gives a hint – cars.

If you belong to the same generation as I do, you probably remember these special issues published annually by some specialized magazines, which detailed the world’s complete automobile production and that amateurs eagerly awaited. Unfortunately, most have turned into plain consumers’ guides since then. So, with a definite touch of nostalgia, I'll try to present here each car in a way reminiscent of these past publications.

Hence, without further ado, let’s go to what should hopefully be an ever increasing list of links directed towards the brands already presented here. Click on any of the brands below to access it:

IKA (1955-1970)

Holden (1949-present)

Tatra (1920-1992)

Úttörô (1954-1957)

Isuzu (1954-present)
Mitsubishi (1917-1921, 1937-present)

DAF (1958-1976)

Smyk (1957-1958)

South Korea
Alpheon (2011-present)
Saenara (1963)

United States
Allstate (1952-1953)
Continental (1956-1959)
DeSoto (1929-1961)
Edsel (1958-1960)
Ford (1903-present)
Hudson (1909-1957)
Kaiser (1947-1955)
Lincoln (1921-present)
Mercury (1939-2011)
Studebaker (1902-1964)
Tasco (1948)

And for an explanation for the suspension of all activity on this blog, read its lattest post here.

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