Friday, April 6, 2012

1970 Ford Thunderbird

While most Ford buyers expected a brand new Thunderbird, previous models having been replaced every three years, only a totally new grille distinguishes the 1970 face-lifted car (influenced by Ford’s new president Bunkie Knudsen, an ex-GM executive) from last year’s. Flanked by headlights that are no longer hidden, this grille features a very sharp “V” which is the cause of some tension between T-Bird owners and their insurance agents, in the event of a frontal shock. Though still called “Landau”, the vinyl-top versions no longer sports landau bars. The passenger compartment is more peaceful than ever thanks to the adoption of a similar noise insulation as the one found on the Lincoln Continental Mark III. All Thunderbirds receive radial-ply tyres as standard - a first in Detroit’s production.

Ford Thunderbird
● Introduction: September 1966. Construction: body on separate chassis. Engine: water-cooled V-8, 7.0-litre, 360 hp, mounted at the front. Transmission: to the rear wheels through a three-speed automatic gearbox. Suspension: independent at the front, rigid axle at the rear. Brakes: hydraulic, to discs on front wheels, drums on rear wheels, with servo. Length: 540 cm (two-door), 546 cm (four-door). Top speed: 215 kph. Range: two-door hardtop coupe, two-door “Landau” hardtop coupe, two-door “Landau” pillared hardtop sedan.

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