Friday, April 6, 2012

1978 Lincoln Continental

The strait, horizontal lines of the Continental are now ruptured by new open wheel arches at the rear. Efforts have been made to improve the economy of the base V-8, but the optional 7.5-litre “460” remains a gas-guzzling monster - it is not even allowed for sale in the state of California.

Lincoln Continental
● Introduction: September 1969. Construction: body on separate chassis. Engine: water-cooled V-8, 6.6-litre, 166 hp, mounted at the front. Optional engine: V-8, 7.5-litre, 210 hp. Transmission: to the rear wheels through a three-speed automatic gearbox. Suspension: independent at the front, rigid axle at the rear. Brakes: hydraulic, to discs on front wheels, drums on rear wheels, with servo. Discs on all four wheels optional. Length: 592 cm. Top speed: 170 to 185 kph. Range: two-door hardtop coupe, two-door “Town Coupe” hardtop coupe, four-door pillared hardtop sedan, four-door “Town Car” pillared hardtop sedan.

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