Sunday, February 19, 2012

2007 Mercury Monterey

In late 2003, Mercury returns to the minivan field with the Monterey, a rebadged Ford Freestar, but the vehicle soon proves to be a failure.

Mercury Monterey
While the Ford Freestar can be called a failure, its close relative, the Mercury Monterey, is nothing short of a catastrophe. Despite good safety records, Mercury’s minivan has seen its already poor sales falling to insignificant levels. For model year 2007, the Monterey remains unchanged, except for the addition of a few more paint colours. Only a handful of cars will sport them: in November 2006, a few weeks after entering its fourth year of existence, the production of both the Freestar and the Monterey is stopped at Ford’s Oakville plant, where the two minivans were constructed.
● Introduction: 2003. Construction: unibody. Engine: water-cooled V-6, 4.2-litre, 201 hp, mounted at the front. Transmission: to the front wheels through a four-speed automatic gearbox. Suspension: independent at the front, semi-independent at the rear. Brakes: hydraulic, to disks on all four wheels, with servo. Length: 512 cm. Top speed: n/a. Range: four-door “Luxury” minivan.

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