Saturday, March 17, 2012

Industrias Kaiser Argentina - IKA (Argentina, 1955-1970)

Willing to establish a local motor industry, Argentina sent a delegation to the United States in 1951, but only one manufacturer proved interested: Kaiser. After the company acquired control of Willys-Overland but stopped production of passenger cars, it opened a factory in Santa Isabel, Córdoba, where Jeeps started being built in 1956 by IKA (Industrias Kaiser Argentina). Two years later, the defunct Kaiser Manhattan became IKA's first passenger car as the luxurious IKA Carabela. Soon IKA looked for partnerships to diversify its offer. The most durable were concluded with American Motors and Renault. When Kaiser Industries decided to divest from the automotive market in 1970, its various companies went to these two partners, IKA in particular going to Renault.

1959 IKA Carabela

1960 IKA Carabela

1961 IKA Carabela

1962 IKA Carabela

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