Thursday, April 5, 2012

1956 Ford Thunderbird

Though the Ford Thunderbird remains globally untouched, a major different over the initial 1955 models is the repositioning of the spare tyre from the boot to the rear end of the car. This allows for more space for the luggage… but results in much poorer handling due to the increased unbalance in weight between the front and rear.

Ford Thunderbird
● Introduction: October 1954. Construction: body on separate chassis. Engine: water-cooled V-8, 4.8-litre, 200 hp (manual) or 202 hp (automatic), mounted at the front. Optional engine: V-8, 5.1-litre, 215 hp (manual with optional overdrive) or 225 hp (automatic). Transmission: to the rear wheels through a three-speed manual gearbox. Three-speed automatic gearbox optional. Suspension: independent at the front, rigid axle at the rear. Brakes: hydraulic, to drums on all four wheels. Servo optional. Length: 445 cm. Top speed: 175 kph. Range: two-door convertible coupe. Note: a removable fibreglass hardtop is provided as standard equipment. Conventional foldable fabric top is optional.

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