Sunday, April 1, 2012

1964 DAF 31 Daffodil

The 1964 DAF range is highly reduced as the underpowered 600 and the 750, a simplified version of the Daffodil, both disappear. Only the Daffodil remains as the modified DAF 31 - after the simple front end of the beginnings, then the busy grille of the DAF 30, Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti has been hired to update the car with modified front and rear ends, along with a new, more angular roofline.

DAF 31 Daffodil
● Introduction: February 1958 as the original 600, 1963 as the updated 31. Construction: unibody. Engine: air-cooled flat two, 0.75-litre, 30 hp, mounted at the front. Transmission: to the rear wheels through a continuous variable-speed gearbox. Suspension: independent on all four wheels. Brakes: hydraulic, to drums on all four wheels. Length: 361 cm. Top speed: 105 kph. Range: two-door “Standaard” saloon, two-door “Luxe” saloon, two-door “Luxe Extra” saloon, two-door “Combi” estate, two-door “Bestel” panel van, two-door pickup.

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